About The Blog

“Travel makes one modest. You see what a tiny place you occupy in the world.” – Gustave Flaubert


Hi there! I’m Cami, the traveler behind this blog. I first discovered the immense joy that learning about different cultures brings me in my high school Spanish 1 class; I walked out of that class so excited about Spanish that I knew, as a freshman in high school, I would one day major in Spanish. Now I am a full-time college student double majoring in Spanish & Economics with a burning passion for people, languages, and culture.

My first trip outside of the United States in 2014 took me on a missions trip to Brussels, Belgium, where I worked with Breaking Chains Network, a Christian organization that fights human trafficking. The short week I spent in Belgium working with BCN in Brussels, Antwerp, and Brugges filled me with more excitement than ever about becoming involved in world missions and understanding different peoples and cultures.


After returning home from Belgium thrilled by missions and the fight for global human rights, I was eager to serve abroad more. A year after my trip to Belgium, I was once again on an international flight – this time to Nicaragua to work with King’s Castle ministries. The week we spent working with King’s Castle to minister to children and be a light in their life changed my life. Through this trip, I heard God clearly calling me to full-time missions one day. I left Nicaragua with a heart beating for people.


Now, I am thrilled to study abroad in Alicante, Spain for a full year. While in Spain, I will be taking Economics classes in Spanish, and these classes will count as credit towards both of my degrees. I am bursting with excitement at the opportunity to truly become fluent in Spanish over this next year!

If you want to keep up with my adventures in Spain, you can follow this blog through email or WordPress. My hope is that, through documenting my experiences, tips, and tricks while living in Spain, more people will be able to share in the joy that traveling abroad brings. Who knows, maybe you’ll catch my case of wanderlust and find yourself on an adventure abroad one day!

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